Identify plastics

Plastic waste has a value if it is correctly identified before recycling. We provide you with a tool that can identify the different types of plastics in order to sort them efficiently.

Our solution is aimed at recycling SMEs that use visual identification for all or part of plastic sorting. Our solution significantly reduces the percentage of waste discarded. You will be able to recover waste that is difficult to identify and thus valorize it by avoiding landfilling.


We have co-developed our instrument with our customers to make it as simple as possible to use. It is a small scanner on which the sorter presses the plastic. All he has to do is pull the trigger and the instrument indicates on an LCD screen what type of plastic it is.

Depending on the result, the user may then choose to put the waste in the sorting chain, keep it for later recycling or dispose of it.

If you want to participate in the co-development of our product it is not too late, we are always looking to improve our services. You can contact us via the contact page of the website.

Optical innovation

To meet the industry’s requirements, the greatest precision is required. Our instrument works by analyzing spectral data, it is the most reliable technique for identifying plastics.

This method consists in sending a light signal against the plastic waste, it will then be reflected inside the device, decomposed and processed. Each type of plastic will modify the basic light signal differently, which is what will allow us to distinguish them.

Connecting platform

Once the waste is properly identified it can be directed to the appropriate treatment chain. Most of our customers recover industrial waste and work with one or two different plastics only. So after identifying the composition of the discarded plastics they will recover the treatable plastics on site and discard the rest. Plas’tri offers outlets for these correctly identified recyclable plastics that cannot be processed by their owner. We give an access to a platform where you can offer recyclable plastic bales from your waste for sale or buy at a lower cost than the market for sorted plastic bales that should have been landfilled. It is a circular economy approach in which all actors in the chain are beneficiaries and the volume of plastics discarded during recycling is greatly reduced.

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